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Bicycle lamp
Bicycle lamp Quantity in Basket: None
Code: ATBCL20
Price: $29.99

Volume Price
Quantity Price Each

Shipping Weight: 2.00 pounds
Datasheet for ATBCL20


The LED model is CREE Q5
Emitting red light from the side.
Beam size adjustable.
3 output settings: high, low, strobe
U1 charger
High Brightness: 1870 lux at 2 meters. (Most lights are only 112 lux at 2 meters.)
Maximum Luminance°› 240Lm
Rechargeable battery saves environment and money.
UL approved battery charger for maximized safety.
Service time: 3-4hours
Use 1 cell rechargeable battery or 3 standard AAA batteries, the former is the main battery and the latter is used as a backup.
Light + strong aluminum alloy case, maximize reliability and lifetime.



Charging Time

4.5 hours

Bulb Life

100000 hours


Charger: 0.135kg

Maximum Luminance

°› 240Lm

Bracket: 0.05kg

Maximum Strobe

10 flashes/second

Bike Light and Rechargeable Battery: 0.13kg


ATBCL20 has a telescopic head, which allows users to adjust focus manually. It is similar to camera lens which can form different spots by changing focal length. For example, in a distance of two meters, the smallest spot is 5.90"°Ń5.90"; the biggest spot is Ø57.87 ".
There are 3 output settings: high, low and strobe. The luminance in High mode is °› 240Lm; 10 flashes/second in strobe mode. The bike light comes with tail push button that is used to switch to different modes.
It comes with a rechargeable battery that will power the light on high for 7.5 hours and three AAA batteries for replacement. Please note the difference between them. When using the rechargeable battery, please mount the extra part near the rear part of the flashlight. Otherwise, remove the extra tube housing. That is because the rechargeable battery is a little longer than the AAA batteries.
ATBCL20 features sturdy aluminum alloy construction. The strong aluminum alloy case allows for a slip-free comfortable grip, ensuring stability and durability. Also it is easy to install and remove the bracket, increasing safety in darkness and bad weather. The LED model is CREE Q5 which has a rated life of 100000 hours. Additionally, the bike light is waterproof. So there is no need to worry about using it in rainy days.  



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