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83 Values 0805 size 500PCs/Value Capacitor Kit
83 Values 0805 size 500PCs/Value Capacitor Kit Quantity in Basket: None
Code: C08-500
Price: $838.00

Shipping Weight: 3.00 pounds
8 available for immediate delivery
Datasheet for C08-500

This 0805 size capacitor kit has 83 values of surface mount capacitors, ranging from 0.5pF to 22uF in capacitance, and their tolerances range from +/-0.25pF or +/-5% to +/-20%, depending on the capacitance, all of these are shown in the table below. The datasheet of each capacitor is ready for down loading by clicking the part number line in the table. When ordering, there are 4 choices for the number of pieces per value of capacitors: 50PCs/value, 100PCs/value, 200PCs/value, and 500PCs/value.


Capacitance (0805) Manufacturer Part Number  Dielectric /Voltage/Tolerance 
0.5pF NPO  50V  0.25pF
0.6pF NPO  50V  0.25pF
0.7pF NPO  50V  0.25pF
0.8pF NPO  50V  0.25pF
0.9pF NPO  50V  0.25pF
1.0pF NPO  50V  0.25pF
1.2pF NPO  50V  0.25pF
1.5pF NPO  50V  0.25pF
1.8pF NPO  50V  0.25pF
2.2pF NPO  50V  0.25pF
2.7pF NPO  50V  0.25pF
3.3pF NPO  50V  0.25pF
3.9pF NPO  50V  0.25pF
4.7pF NPO  50V  0.25pF
5.6pF NPO  50V  0.5pF
6.8pF NPO  50V  0.5pF
8.2pF NPO  50V  0.5pF
10pF NPO  50V  0.5pF
12pF NPO  50V   5%
15pF NPO  50V   5%
18pF NPO  50V   5%
22pF NPO  50V   5%
27pF NPO  50V   5%
33pF NPO  50V   5%
39pF NPO  50V   5%
47pF NPO  50V   5%
56pF NPO  50V   5%
68pF NPO  50V   5%
82pF NPO  50V   5%
100pF NPO  50V   5%
120pF NPO  50V   5%
150pF NPO  50V   5%
180pF NPO  50V   5%
220pF NPO  50V   5%
270pF NPO  50V   5%
330pF NPO  50V   5%
390pF NPO  50V   5%
470pF NPO  50V   5%
560pF NPO  50V   5%
680pF NPO  50V   5%
820pF NPO  50V   5%
1.0nF NPO  50V   5%
1.2nF NPO  50V   5%
1.5nF NPO  50V   5%
1.8nF NPO  50V   5%
2.2nF NPO  50V   5%
2.7nF NPO  50V   5%
3.3nF NPO  50V   5%
3.9nF NPO  50V   5%
4.7nF X7R  50V   10%
5.6nF X7R  50V   10%
6.8nF X7R  50V   10%
8.2nF X7R  50V   10%
10nF X7R  50V   10%
12nF X7R  50V   10%
15nF X7R  50V   10%
18nF X7R  50V   10%
22nF X7R  50V   10%
27nF X7R  50V   10%
33nF X7R  50V   10%
39nF X7R  50V   10%
47nF X7R  50V   10%
56nF X7R  50V   10%
68nF X7R  50V   10%
82nF X7R  50V   10%
100nF X7R  50V   10%
120nF X7R  50V   10%
150nF X7R  50V   10%
180nF X7R  25V   10%
220nF X7R  25V   10%
270nF X7R  25V   10%
330nF X7R  25V   10%
390nF X7R  25V   10%
470nF X7R  25V   10%
560nF X7R  25V   10%
680nF X7R  25V   10%
820nF X7R  16V   10%
1.0uF X7R  16V   10%
2.2uF X5R  16V   10%
3.3uF X5R  6.3V  10%
4.7uF X5R  6.3V  10%
10uF X5R  6.3V  10%
22uF X5R  6.3V  20%

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