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61 Values 0603 Size 100PCs/Value 0.1% Resistor Kit: R06-61V100PC0.1%
61 Values 0603 Size 100PCs/Value 0.1% Resistor Kit: R06-61V100PC0.1% Quantity in Basket: None
Code: R06-61V100PC0_1
Price: $269.00

Shipping Weight: 2.20 pounds

The resistors are pre-sorted and stored separately in our unique sturdy snap-lock Super SMT Component EnclosureTM, which has 200 individually lidded compartments, 0.52(L) ~0.71(W) ~0.39(D) or 13.2mm(H) ~18mm(W) ~10mm(D), and each resistor value is printed clearly on each lid. The enclosure takes up the same surface space as a letter sized paper measuring only: 12.2(L) ~9.5(W) ~1.6(H) or 309mm(L) ~242mm(W) ~40mm(D).

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