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Professional Resistor/Capacitor/Inductor kits
Our SMT Enclosure is the world's only one which has > 100 compartments for enclosing SMT components, such as chip resistors, capacitors, inductors, ICs, etc. This enclosure come with 128 individually lidded  compartments.
This electronic parts box comes with a set of labels, which can be hand written or laser printer printed with proper marking for each lid. Using this enclosure will make your lab bench neat and your parts well organized.

See How it works - see video

These pre-sorted Resistor/Capacitor/Inductor kits offer the most convenience for obtaining any value of SMT resistors in the shortest time with the highest accuracy.

Empty Enclosure SMT/SMD Inductor Kits SMT/SMD Resistor Kits SMT/SMD Capacitor Kits


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