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Ultra-Stable Axial Leaded Thermistor
Ultra-Stable Axial Leaded Thermistor Quantity in Basket: None
Code: ATH5K1R8B3950K
Price: $1.60

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Shipping Weight: 0.04 pounds
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Note: The MOQ=5pcs

Glass Encapsulated for Long Term Stability & Reliability
High Stability: <0.1C/year
Small Size: φ1.8mm 3.7mm 
High Resistance Accuracy: 1%
Quick Response Time: 20s Wide Temp. Range: −55C to 250C 
Leads: Tin-plated Copper- Clad Steel Wire. For maximized strength and conductivity, and optimized thermal expansion matching with glass casing
100% Lead (Pb)-free and RoHS Compliant 

Comparing with glass encapsulated bead or radial leaded thermistors, this axial leaded thermistor, ATH5K1R8B3950K, offers improved mechanical stability, enhanced heat dissipation, and higher power ratings and is suitable for use in qutomotive electronics, industrial electronics, and home appliances where cost-sensitive temperature sensing is required.

The ATH5K1R8B3950K thermistor with its dimensions marked. In contrast to conventional epoxyencapsulated thermistors, the ATH5K1R8B3950K offers superior long-term stability and a wider temperature range. Moreover, it has a compact size and a quick response time.

Datasheet for ATH5K1R8B3950K

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