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TEC Controllers
ޱĵ TEC (Thermo-Electric Cooler, or Peltier Cooler) is a semiconductor device which can cool down or heat up the temperature of a thermal load depending on the direction of the current going through the two terminals of the TEC. By using a TEC controller, the thermal load temperature can be regulated precisely by controlling the direction and magnitude of the current going through the TEC. We have a variety of TEC controllers. TECA1-XV-XV-D series TEC controllers features high efficiency, high stability, high reliability and compact sizes. The maximum current is 2.5A. They are often used for controlling temperature in laser systems. TEC5V4A-D is almost the same TEC controller as the above TECA1-XV-XV-D TEC controller, except that the maximum output current is 4A, as opposed to the 2.5V. TEC5V6A-D TEC controller has the same pin out as the above 2 TEC controllers ATEC24V10A-D TEC controllers is under development. It allows high input voltage, high output current, works under high power efficiency, and has a small size. ATFC105D is a digitally controlled TEC controller. It comes with a key pad and a digital display, can be programmed on the field, has a high input voltage and high output current capability. Many of these TEC controllers work well with our TEC Modules, Thermistors and Thermally Conductive Epoxy.
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