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Super SMD Resistor Kits

We have been developing and providing SMD resistor kits for > 26 years, have > 100 different types of such products. most of the them are in stock for immediate delivery. These Resistor Kits are of the world's only type that can accurately obtaining a particular value of resistors within a few seconds.

They are made by using our the world's only special container, Super SMT Component Enclosure™, which has 128 individually lidded bins and enclosed by one lockable top cover. The foam pad under the top cover keeps all the small lids, so-called coverlets, closed when the top cover is closed and locked. Each coverlet measures 0.87" (L) x 0.59" (W) x 0.63"(D) or 22mm (L) x 15mm (W) x 16mm (D), a perfect size for storing and obtaining SMT components. The Super Kit Enclosure™ measures 11" (L) x 8.5" (W) x 1.75"(H) or 280mm (L) x 216mm (W) x 45mm (H), the same size as a letter size paper, and can easily be placed on the work benches or stored on book shelves.

All the surface mount resistors are pre-sorted and stored in Super SMT Component Enclosure™ with every resistor value being printed clearly on each lid.

These are the options when ordering the Super Surface Mount Resistor Kits™:

The Super SMD Resistor Kits™ can have 128 values/kit (use one enclosure), and 510 values/kit (use 4 enclosures), which include all the values specified by the E24 and E96 EIA Standards respectively. The 510 value kits cover all the 510 values plus extended low end values, from 0 Ohm to 10 Ohm, and high end values, from 1M to 20M.

For each value, you have the choices of 50PCs/value, 100PCs/value, 200PCs/value and 500PCs/value.

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