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High Voltage Isolation Amplifier
What is high voltage isolation amplifier? "High Voltage" means the output voltage has high value, usually ≥1000V. "Isolation" means the input circuit and the output circuit is completely isolated, no direct electrical connections between them. "Amplifier" simply implies the input signal amplitude is amplified to a large value. They are widely used for measuring small differential, but with high common mode voltage, signals, such as the voltage drop across the current sensing resistors, The amplified signal is readily available on the low voltage side. What makes it easy to use is that the high voltage side has it's own power supply source, no need use an external high voltage DC-DC converter to provide power for the high voltage side circuitries. Our high voltage isolation amplifier, ATIA202, is an upgraded version of, but still pin to pin compatible with, AD202. In particular, our amplifier's accuracy is higher, 0.005%, as opposed to AD202's 0.025%. The bandwidth of ATIA202 is 100kHz, as opposed to AD202's 5kHz. The best of all, our amplifier's cost is lower. This amplifier has two types of packages, SIP and DIP, and is completely potted by epoxy.
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